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Presentation day

Presentation day is an opportunity for students of all ages to gain experience on stage in front of an audience.  It is basically a high functioning show and tell.  Students can present anything they wish... singing, playing of an instrument, presenting a paper they wrote, gathering a group of friends together and putting on a short skit.... anything they wish.  The goal is experience with stage presence/public speaking.


We plan to keep each presentation day limited to 1 hour.  Each presentation will be allowed 3 minutes on stage.  This means each presentation day is limited to 20 participants.  We will keep track of how many presentation days your student participates in and your student will recieve a certificate at the end of the year for public speaking based on participation.


At the end of the year, we will host a 2 hour program called "best of presentation day" where the strongest presenters from each age group will be featured and voted on (by a panel of judges)  for a grand prize.  Prizes for each age group will be announced later.  


September 4 from 1:00-2:00